Sunday, 16 July 2017

Bibliography and acknowledgement

For many years Stan Robins has patiently gathered from older members their mementoes of the Beagles. Without this "archive" it would have been difficult to have produced this small booklet. My debt to Stan for this, for the loan of his own records and "library", and for his belief that a booklet would eventually emerge.

Thanks also to Dave Green, Bob Havers, Ken Finding, and to Bob Mortimer for commenting on the draft text at various stages, and a particular "thank you" to Ian Welsh for the use of his unique series of photos including early shots of Daley Thompson.

My acknowledgements also to June Neilson (Queen Mary College) for allowing me access to the People's Palace archives, to Howard Bloch (Newham Local Studies Librarian) and to George Havell for help with illustrations and with the history of athletics in Essex. Special thanks to my wife Kay (and to Dawn) for typing the manuscript and also to Kay for allowing our house to disappear under the increasing volume of material used.

Finally, after all is said and done, any errors or omissions in the end result are mine and mine alone.


Papers and Periodicals
Athletics Weekly, Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Sporting Life; The Times, Barking Advertiser, Dagenham Post, Forest Gate Weekly News, Stratford Express and other local papers; The Palace Journal.

Ian Buchanan - 'An Encyclopedia of British Athletic Records' (1961)
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George Havell - 'Essex County Amateur Athletic Association Centenary 1883 - 1983' (1983)
Peter Lovesey - 'The Official Centenary History of the Amateur Athletic Association' (1979) 
National Union of Track Statisticians - 'British Athletics Annual' (1958 to date)
Jim Peters - 'In The Long Run' (1955)
Skip Rozin - 'Daley Thompson: The Subject is Winning' (1983)
Melvyn Watman - 'History of British Athletics' (1968)
Neil Wilson - 'Daley: The Last 10 Years' (1986)

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