Sunday, 16 July 2017


The task of encapsulating 100 years of Beagles history was a challenge indeed. On the one hand there was an astonishing collection of historic records to go through, such as Club Minutes, scrap books and newspapers. On the other there was the severe limitation of time that any person can be expected to spend on such a project coupled with a very strict budget.

Tony Benton is to be thanked and congratulated in overcoming_all.this and producing a book telling the Beagles story in a compact form. It will be read_with great enthusiasm not only by Club members, past and present, but will also be of interest to a far wider audience.

It has been a difficult and time consuming task and there will be those who will disappointed, believing they should have got a mention, but the limitation

Stan Robins
Newham and Essex Beagles A.C.

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